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come on letter~

Still waiting for my hardship loadn letter to come and the funny thing is my freinds who put there one in like a week or so after me has theres so fingers crossed I get it tomorrow other wise Im screwed for money and lucky that I have next week of for holidays which I will spend mostly doing catch up with college work. ;.;

Nothing much happend lately went to a freinds B-Day party go mostly groped by random people and watched some shave there hair off.....I think its because they are from Springburn just kiding I had fun and would defently go again sometime even know it was full of really drunk guys .....I only ended up a wee bit tipsy. Next time im going to get wasted since then I can actually fallow drunk speack instead of being tipsy sleepy.....I hate that the most!. 8)

Just found out today my teachers are nuts but then again I kinda knew already and I lov it! they are so laid back compared to the Lectures in the other clases and you can crack jokes with them all you want because there guys so you can take more sarcasm then the women which is good because I can be so sarcastic. 8D

Tmorrow im going for a few drinks at my sisters flat and stay over there for the night so Im looking forward to that its ver strange I was not ver close to my big sister in fact we where at ends all the time she made feel down all the time and such but now she been there for us. When I was upset with the flat (by the way my flatmates and me have talked and we foud out it was a miss understanding lol yeh I did not talk like fr 5 days solid but everything cool now) she was there on the phone when I was crying....yes I cry Im not usaly the time show my emotions on my sleeve as such. So since then we started to get closer and the thing is Iv never been this close to her ever before in life and I lov it!. I was always close to my big bro Richard with the computer games and such but never had the sister bonding thing that most siblings have exspecialy when theres two boys and two girls but no I ended up at a diffrent direction than my sister. I would consider her the bully in Highschool and I the bulled (which I was) but now shes changed maybe its because she has kids and the fact I have moved out to my own flat. But yeh things are looking up there. <3

Next week going to go back to Helensbugh for a couple of days depending on if I get money and get B day presents I could not get before because Im skint but with this money I can pay for Berlin and get presents aswell.

ps. I so need a custume idea for halaween so does anyone have any suggestions? since I will be also clubbing in them lol.

Sorry for the speeling mistakes since I always post at a time Im all sleepy and cant be assed usaly I double check and all that but meh sleepy right now, I will give you hugs and lov instead. ;D

XXXXXXXXX <3 <3 hugzzzzzzz \o/

Having a bsy month

Its been great today had cake, passed my project and I hav a party tomorrow night so alot of alc and I will be going to my sis next Thursday aswell so party month I say.

When people say to be civil today while I am being civil but your not and also wants again blaming things on me that are not me you should look closer to home. Im god dam sturborn so If they think I am going to come and talk with you then you hav a other thing comming.If they speack first in a nice way first I will be willing to talk but though I to angry at the fact they lost my work on the com so no.

I need to get up tmorrow and have a shower to get ready I will look up something pritty to wear tomorrow as well. Get my hair done up and make up done as well so whooo probably going to spend the night as well.

But so not looking forward to the October weekend days off I cant stand staying here alone as it is but a whole week screw that!!!



Im so happy passed my project and might get a merit for it so fingers crossed for tomorrow and who says pulling all nighters dont work!!!~~~and guess what without any eb=nergy drinks lol!!

So much work to do arggggg

I am so tired right now and hopefully when I go to bed I can actualy sleep for once in the last two weeks. Mum is comeing tomorrow so I need to get up early and go to the shop to get some flowers because it was her birthday on Sunday so I do that. I just wont be assed to move my ass out of bed, its my day of tmorrow and I need to get a lot of college work done by Tuesday. So I bought 9 cans of red thunder to keep me going ..... woul probbaly need more T,T. After mum goes I need to get the train into town so I can get suff for colege otherwise I cant do fuck all realy. Plus why does it have to be everyones birthday next month Im poooooorrrrr Im telling you!!! You just have to wait till the 7th and even then it wil be cheap....its the thought that counts I say XD. Hopefully they dont think I am buying christmas gifts either I am only buying for my family and keeping the rest back for Berlin because I am apparently clubbing every night with tons of diffrent people as well.....I am going to be messed up when I come back a whole week of that is just death on a stick. Speacking of clubbing hopefully I dont need a lot of money for the clubs next month I will just try and tax drinks of people like I did for my sis wedding. XP
ow and but halaween outfits lol thats sooooo going to be funz.
I getting along with everyone at college my teachers like my work so far so fingerscrossed for Wednesday for us. They better like it otherwise I will shove the sketch book down there mouths.
I tattoo Is starting to get rid of the scabs thats there even though you cant tell there is scabes o.o.......I hate the word scabs *shiver*.
I hope it thunders and lightning soon I wants some funnnnnnn~~~~~~~~~~
ow shit I have a party next Friday my friends birthday oppps okay make sure I can get there and get present lol.

Im actually enjoying this year at college whooooo but still I want the dorm thing. XD

So maybe the next time I do an entry I could be high o energy drinks or dead really.......8D

God I have no clue if I am hitting the right bottons here its so darkkkkkkk~~


I keep getting headackes and leg pain then my heart beats slow sice tuesday and i dont know if its because I have eaten something I am alergic to or I have to eat something that will make me feel better. The funny thing is I feel better at college because I drink Irn bur there all the time but soon as I have not drank any for more than 2 hours I sart to get these things. So I cant sleep and it driving me nuts. Set from that its been a good month got my tattoo and every one at college lovs it and I actually got a lot of people to go to the tattoo place for theres. So~~~~ go me ow and I was a teacher for a day.XD~~
So I will get my cam from my bro this weekend and take a picture of my tattoo to show.x3

Totally need to get stuff donr tomorrow xxxxx

I think I lov the fact I turned 20

Got 2 birthday cakes one from my flat mates and one from my college friends which they came down from there class today with candles and a choclate cake for us<3 and tons of money from them as well for a present~~
Steph and Reppy got us a choclate fuge cake for my birthday and pizza and a psp 8D
I am also going to Berlin my name got pulled out the bowl for the trip with college and my friends are going tooo yayyyyyy~~~
Its for a week and one of the girls in my class is having her birthday when we go so where going out clubbing.....probably every night.
I am getting to know new people now and they seem suprise that they can talk to us, maybe beacuse Im the least girly one out of the whole college. Ow and I have no clue why but I find I have more in common with my mates dad and my Lecture David then some of my guy friends which is kinda creepy but funny too~~
Ow Im going to nip into a tattoo place tomoz to see if they will do my tattoo thanks to my friends I can get one. x3
Ow and made tons of freinds at my sister's wedding so they all added me and they sended birthday wishes to us~~~ <3

xxxxx So tons of cards and cakes Im a Happy bunny~~~~


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